Infrastructure Improvements

Below is a list of recent, current and/or upcoming projects on the engineering docket; please contact the City Engineer at 937-652-4324 if there are any questions or concerns about these.

In 2017 the City of Urbana invested in a third-party study by Midwest Pavement Analysis and Design, LLC of every block of pavement within Urbana.  These blocks were each assigned a PCR (Pavement Condition Rating, 0-100 scale with 100 being a perfect pavement with no observable distress) by a person trained in that system.  Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) uses the PCR system to suggest treatments and schedules for their roads.  This list will assist in choosing streets to maintain or repave and corresponds to the streets where sidewalk, curb and gutter maintenance will be enforced.   Access the PCRs here.  Streets being considered for paving in the next 5 years include at least portions of:

  • Hill Street
  • S. Kenton Street
  • Windsor Avenue
  • Henry Street
  • S. Walnut Street
  • S. High Street
  • Gwynne Street (western end)
  • Sara Street
  • Freeman Avenue
  • Nova Drive
  • Eastview Drive
  • Washington Avenue
  • Finch Street
  • Ames Avenue
  • Crescent Drive
  • Central Avenue
  • Madison Avenue
  • Maple Street
  • Oak Street
  • Eichelberger Drive
  • Thompson Street
  • Orchard Drive
  • Hovey Street

Also, the following state or U.S. routes are planned:

  • Monument Square (US 36/SR 29/US 68) and one block in each direction (2019)
  • Scioto Street (US 36/SR 29) (2020)
  • South Main Street and a portion of North Main Street (US 68) (2022)

2019 concrete improvements

Each year the City bids out its concrete work with jobs ranging from pouring cemetery headstone foundations to restoring roadway cuts.  McGuire Farm and Excavating LLC has 2019's contract.

2019 Project Agenda

The City of Urbana will or has undertaken the following projects this year:

  1. The 2019 Asphalt Program will take place likely in August or after.  The plan is to patch and repave Hill Street (all three blocks) and S. Kenton Street (from Market to Hill).  Hill Street will also have a brand new storm system installed; none had existed prior.  This will necessitate the rebuild of the curbs and sidewalks from end to end too.  Since a large majority of the 2018 Asphalt Program was delayed until 2019 for curb and gutter work to finish, paving on Miller Drive, Rue St. Clair, Rue Royale, Rue St. Charles, a portion of Bon Air Drive and Anderson Drive will commence around the same time as the 2019 Asphalt Program.
  2. A sidewalk, curb and gutter replacement program continues for a least sections of S. Kenton Street, Bon Air Drive, Miller Drive, Rue St. Clair, Rue Royale and Rue St. Charles.  Property owners were sent letters in the fall with an April 19, 2019 deadline for completing their own work.
  3. The Gwynne Street bridge underwent some repair work in February and March.  The focal points were the expansion joints on both ends and the sidewalks where deterioration had occurred.  Eagle Bridge Company was awarded the job for $65,256.00.
  4. North Oakland Street Curbs and Walks, Phase 3 has finally been funded through a competitive Community Development Block Grant.  The project will complete the remainder of the catch basins, sidewalks, curbs and gutters from Union Alley to just north of W. Light Street.  D.L. Smith Concrete LLC was awarded the contract for $263,158.00 and began work on sidewalks, curbs and gutters late-March.  A subcontractor completed catch basin replacements prior to that.
  5. The Monument Square Roundabout Project, AKA US 36/US 68 Intersection Improvements, is a federally funded safety project to upgrade the roundabout to a modern roundabout, with curbed islands, better entry curves and a truck apron.  Pedestrian improvements such as refuge islands, curb bump-outs and push-button activated rapid flashing beacons will help walkers cross traffic more safely.  While the roundabout and surrounding one-block radius is torn up, water mains and services will also be replaced.  A 0% OPWC loan is funding that improvement.  Near the conclusion of the project, the entire one-block radius (US 36 and US 68) will be repaved. The project is currently post-bid, with R.B. Jergens Contractors of Vandalia having the lowest and best bid of $1,808,913.09.

2020 and on PROJECT AGENDA

The City of Urbana plans to undertake the following project(s) in the upcoming years:

  1. Powell to Bon Air Sanitary Sewer Project will be funded by late summer 2019.  An OPWC grant of $658,900, an OPWC loan of $513,900 and a local sewer match of $145,000 are expected to fund this project.  The project looks to alleviate historical capacity issues brought on by the east side subdivisions.
  2. Phase 2 Water Line Replacements will happen on Washington Avenue, Scioto Street, Finch Street, Crescent Drive and Ames Avenue starting in 2020.