Urbana Fire Programs


Fire Prevention

Check/Test smoke detectors monthly

Change batteries twice a year

          - a good time to change batteries is every time you change your clocks change your smoke detector batteries.

Our goal is to have at least one working smoke detector in every home. More is better!

Elderly or mobility challenged citizens that need assistance with ther smoke detectors may call (937)652-4374 an we will provide assistance.

Group Fire Education talks are available upon request.

We plan to offer home fire inspections in the future.


CPR classes are available upon request. Notify Jeff Asper at (937)652-4374.

Car Seat Safety -

Child Safety Seat installation and education are available at the Urbana Fire Division.
        - Studies have shown that about 90% of car seats are impropery installed.
The Urbana Fire Division's certified car seat technicians are again available.  Please contact Assistant Chief  Jeff Asper by calling (937) 652-4375.
Be safe and follow directions while using space heaters this winter.