Industrial Pretreatment Program


Mark Mabry- IPP Coordinator

Office: 937-652-4331


The City of Urbana is fortunate to have a large and diverse industrial base.  Because of the substantial amount of industry the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA) required the City of Urbana to develop and implement an Industrial Pretreatment Program in April 1996.

The purpose of the Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) is to protect the City of Urbana’s sanitary sewer system, the Water Reclamation Facility processes and equipment, and the Mad River Watershed from potential harmful discharges of pollutants from industrial and commercial sources. This is accomplished by regulating and monitoring the discharges from industrial and commercial sources to ensure that it meets the limits established.

Currently the program has 7 permitted industrial users. With new OEPA regulations begining in 2018, we will have the addition of 5 dentist offices under the Program. The authority of the Industrial Pretreatment Program can be found in chapter 935 of City of Urbana’s codified ordinance. 

 It is the Industrial Pretreatment Programs goal to ensure that the industrial entities within the City of Urbana comply with all of the applicable rules and requirements related to wastewater.  If it is determined that an industrial customer has violated a discharge prohibition or limitation the City of Urbana utilizes the Enforcement Response Guide to assist in determining the ramifications of a violation. The Industrial Pretreatment Program is audited annually by the OEPA. 

If you would like more information regarding the Industrial Pretreatment Program please contact the Industrial Pretreatment Coordinator, Mark Mabry.