Utility Billing

Location:  Municipal Building, 205 S Main St (use Market Street entrance)
Hours:  8:00 AM - Noon and 1:00 PM - 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday
Phone:  937-652-4315
Email:  utility@ci.urbana.oh.us


Ordinances relating to Utilities can be found bY Clicking Here AND SEARCHING the RELEVANT SECTION.

Payment of accounts can be made at the following locations:

  • Municipal Building, 205 South Main Street - payment window located on the ground floor at the East Market Street entrance.
  • Drop Box located at the Municipal Building by theE.Market Street entrance.

pay your city of urbana,ohio utility bill on-line

The City of Urbana is now offering you the ability to pay your City of Urbana utility bill on-line.  The on-line bill payment system accepts credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Discover), debit card, and e-check payments.  Please click here to be directed to the Payment Services Network, Inc. website to register and complete your transaction.  (There is a small convenience fee for this service.)
PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT use the on-line payment service if you have received a Notice of Disconnection door hanger (pink) or your water service has been disconnected.  Payment under these circumstances should be made at the office.

Automatic Bank Draft

Sign up to have your utility bill automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account. Your payment will be withdrawn on the due date. Please contact the Utility Billing office for details. 

how is the amount of my utility bill calculated?

Example 1: Residential user with 200 cu. ft. inside city

Water minimum charge inside city


Sewer base charge inside city


Sewer 200 cu.ft. (2 x $4.24)




Example 2: Residential user with 500 cu. ft. outside city

Water minimum charge outside city up to 400 cu. ft.


Water additional 100 cu. ft. (1 x $8.92)


Sewer base charge outside city


Sewer 500 cu. ft. (5 x $8.48)




Late Fee

A 5% service charge is assessed for past due bills.  This service charge is calculated into the amount on the bill shown as amount after due date.  Once a delinquent notice is sent and the time to pay the delinquent amount has passed, a $25.00 late fee is added.


Once shutoff of service is planned and the bill is not paid by the shutoff date, an additional $50.00 service fee is added to the bill.

Extended Absences

If you will be gone more than a month, we encourage you to have your water shut off.  This reduces the possibility of leaks and saves you money.  If you don't live in a condominium, simply call the Utilities Office at 652-4315 a few days in advance of leaving and a few days in advance of returning.  If you do live in a condominium, we can't turn your water off since the turnoff is on private property.  You may come in and sign an exemption certificate before leaving, and we will not bill you for water as long as there is no usage.  We offer these services free of charge.

Rate and Fee information

The documents posted below provide a summary of the rates and fees currently in place for water and sewer services.  These documents are not all inclusive, but they provide a summary of the most common fee information.  In addition, these documents include tap-in fee information as well as capacity fee information.

2019 Regulation #30 - Water

Water Rate and Fee Information

Sewer Rate and Fee Information

Online viewing of utility bills is available with registration required the very first time.  View my bill.