Curbside RECYCLING Program (Residential)

On March 11, 2008, the Urbana City Council passed Ordinance #4265 to establish mandatory curbside residential recycling for all 1-Family and 2-Family residences.  For the first four (4) years of the program, the City of Urbana had a contract with Waste Management to provide weekly curbside residential recycling for all 1-Family and 2-Family residences.  On September 1, 2012, the City of Urbana started a new three year contract for curbside recycling services with Waste Management.  As a result of the city's competitive bidding process, the city was able to lower the monthly cost for recycling from $3.62 per month to $3.18 per month.  This new rate was implemented as of the October 2012 utility bill.

An informative brochure on the city's curbside recycling program is available by clicking here.


**All curbside recycling service is provided on Thursdays unless otherwise noted.  If a holiday that is observed by Waste Management occurs, then curbside recycling service will be provided on Friday for that holiday week.  See the complete schedule below:

New Year's Day-Sunday, January 1, 2017
-No change in service schedule.  Service provided on Thursday, December 29, 2016.

Memorial Day-Monday, May 29, 2017
-Service will be moved to Friday, June 2, 2017.

Independence Day-Tuesday, July 4, 2017
-Service will be moved to Friday, July 7, 2017.

Labor Day-Monday, September 4, 2017
-Service will be moved to Friday, September 8, 2017.

Thanksgiving Day-Thursday, November 23, 2017
-Service will be moved to Friday, November 24, 2017.

Christmas Day-Monday, December 25, 2017
-Service will be moved to Friday, December 29, 2017.

Wheeled Cart

The city's recycling contract with Waste Management allows residents to use an optional 64 gallon wheeled cart for recyclables.  There is no charge for the first cart.  Please contact the Waste Management Service Center at 1-866-797-9018 to request delivery of your cart.   If you require a second cart, there is a $2.00 monthly rental fee for this cart.  Residents may also continue to use their city issued/owned 18 gallon recycling bin.  The 18 gallon recycling bins and/or 64 gallon carts stay with the address where they were originally assigned.

Business Recycling/Multi-Family RecyCLING

Through the city's contract with Waste Management, the city may be able to accommodate curbside recycling for businesses or multiple family residences.  However, per city ordinance, recycling for businesses or multiple family residences is not required.  In order to participate, the business or multiple family residence must receive a city utility bill.  In addition, service has to be provided from the curbside and is limited to what can be accommodated with 64 gallon carts or 18 gallon bins.  For more information, contact Doug Crabill at or 937-652-4305.  The city will determine on a case by case basis if service is able to be provided.

Recycling Program Statistics from 2011 can be found in the 2011 Recycling Report.
Recycling Program Statistics from 2012 can be found in the 2012 Recycling Report.
Recycling Program Statistics from 2013 can be found in the 2013 Recycling Report.
Recycling Program Statistics from 2014 can be found in the 2014 Recycling Report.
Recycling Program Statistics from 2015 can be found in the 2015 Recycling Report.
Recycling Program Statistics from 2016 can be found in the 2016 Recycling Report.


Recycle These!

Trash These!

Glass Bottles & Jars Candy Wrappers
Plastic Bottles Carpet or Cloth
Aluminum & Tin Cans Food or any Organic Waste
Cardboard Boxes Plastic Bags and Saran Wrap
Newspapers Used Paper Cups and Paper Plates
Magazines Wet or Soiled Paper
Junk Mail Carbon Paper
Paper Food-Soiled Cardboard
Envelopes Liquids
Brochures and Pamphlets Plates and Dishes
  Used Paper Towels and Tissues

What Can I Recycle  

Lost Recycling Bins

During periods of strong winds, recycle bins can blow around.  If you find a lost bin and know the owner, please return it.  If you do not know where the bin belongs, the City would appreciate it if you would take the bin to the Utility Office in the Municipal Building at 205 S. Main St.

We suggest clearly labeling your recycle bin with your address.

Household Hazardous Waste

For the proper disposal of household hazardous waste, please see this brochure.


Why should I recycle?

Recycling reduces the amount of waste in the landfill so that landfills last longer. This also keeps the costs of disposing of trash down. Another reason to recycle is to preserve the earth for future generations.

Where should I set my bin?

Set your bin at the street curbside, not in the alley. If you are physically unable to put your bin at the street, call 937-652-4315.

What should I do if my bin is missed?

Bins must be at the curbside by 6:00 AM. If you had your bin at the curb by 6:00 AM and it wasn't picked up, please call 937-652-4315 as soon as you realize it was missed.

Is there a list of what can be put in the bin?

Click here for a list.

What if something is left in my bin?

If something is left in your bin, it is not recyclable. Put it in the trash.

I am on City Utilities but not in the City Limits. Will I be charged for recycling?

No, you will not be charged for recycling. Neither will you have curbside recycling pickup unless you contract with a trash hauler directly.

I live in the City, but do not have City utilities. Will I be on the City curbside recycling?

Not at this time. If you wish to sign up for curbside recycling, call the City at 937-652-4315.

I live in a 1-Family or 2-Family residence and did not receive a bin. How do I get one?

Call 937-652-4315 and give us your address so we can check our records.

What if I need two bins for recycling?

We want you to have enough bins. If you previously had curbside recycling through Waste Management, you may use that bin as a second bin. If you need another bin, you may come to the Utility Office in the Municipal Building at 205 S Main to get one. For your convenience, park in the Market Street parking lot and use the Market Street entrance.

What if I lose my bin or it is damaged?

You will have to purchase another bin for $10.

What should I do with the bin when I move?

Leave the bin for the next resident. The bins are the property of the City of Urbana.

What if the previous resident did not leave the bin?

Call the 937-652-4315 for another bin. You may have to purchase the bin at a cost of $10.

When and how often will recycling be collected?

Recycling will be collected every Thursday with the exception of holiday weeks. If New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving or Christmas Day occurs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday, pickup will be on Friday.

When should I set out my bin?

Bins will be emptied during the Waste Management Thursday morning trash pickup. In order to be sure to be picked up, have your bin at the curbside by 6:00AM. You may set the bin out as early as 6:00PM on Wednesday, but no earlier.

Will I be charged a recycling fee when I leave?

Curbside recycling fees will be on every monthly water bill. Shut-off bills will not contain a recycling fee.

What if I leave for an extended period?

If you shut off your water, which is recommended to prevent possible leak damage while you are gone, you will not be billed for recycling. If you leave the water turned on, you will also be billed for recycling.

If you don't live in a condominium, simply call the Utilities Office at 652-4315 a few days in advance of leaving and a few days in advance of returning. If you do live in a condominium, we can't turn your water off since the turnoff is on private property. You may come in and sign an exemption certificate before leaving, and we will not bill you for water as long as there is no usage. We offer these services free of charge.

Do I need to sort my recycling?

No, Waste Management uses single stream recycling so you do not need to sort your recycling. Please rinse out containers and compact as much as possible by flattening or folding. Newspapers are best placed in the bottom of the bin so they don't fall out. Do not place them in plastic bags. If you have paper bags, place them in paper bags, or just lay them on the bottom of the bin.

Why is there an asterisk by cardboard?

Previously recyclers wanted corrugated cardboard to be flattened and bundled. Now corrugated cardboard does not need to be bundled but should be cut or torn into smaller pieces that will fit in the bottom of the bin. Like newspapers, cardboard should be laid in the bottom of the bin so that it doesn't blow away on a windy day.

What should I do with shredded paper?

Shredded paper can be recycled if placed in clear bags. Colored bags are always thrown in the trash due to safety concerns with needles, etc.

Can I recycle plastic bags?

Not through the curbside recycling. Kroger and Wal-Mart both accept plastic bags for recycling. Reusing is another option. Some charities need bags.

What type of plastic numbers can I recycle?

All numbers can be recycled, but only containers used for food or cleaning products, not containers used for paint, insecticides, pesticides, automotive products.

Can I recycle medicine bottles?

If there is a recycle triangle with a number inside, you may recycle it. In general rigid plastic is not recyclable; reuse it or throw it in the trash.

Why can't I recycle plastic lids?

Plastic lids are made from a type of plastic that no one wants to buy, and so they are not recyclable. Please discard them in the trash.

Can I recycle styrofoam?

The curbside recycling program does not accept styrofoam of any kind. There are places that recycle polystyrene, like rigid packing foam. Mailing retailers will often accept packing "peanuts".

Can I recycle canning jars?

Yes, all food jars can be recycled.

Can I recycle yard waste?

In the fall, Urbana offers free leaf pickup. At other times of the year, Urbana residents may take leaves to Urbana Materials Facility for free and brush or garden waste for a fee. Call 937-508-6405 first for hours.

Where can I recycle computers and other electronics?

TekServ, located at 1590 E US Highway 36, Urbana, 484-7800, offers free recycling of computers and most electronics.  $2 is charged for each screen or monitor.

Where can I recycle auto parts?

See the Champaign County recycling site at

What should I do with paint, insecticides, etc.?

Champaign County no longer holds a Household Hazardous Waste day each year for disposal, not recycling, of hazardous waste.  However, proper disposal options are available.  Visit for more information.

My residence is a 3-Family or 4-Family residence but I am being billed for curbside recycling. What do I do?

Please call 937-652-4315 and give us all the post office addresses for your structure. We will check into it. If your residence is not a 1-Family or 2-Family structure, we will remove recycling charges.

Why can't our church or business recycle?

Churches or businesses are not mandated by city ordinance to recycle.  However, the City of Urbana is now able to offer recycling services for churches or businesses.  Interested parties are asked to contact Doug Crabill at (937) 652-4305 or  Some restrictions may apply to the availability of this program.

What if I live in an apartment or 3-Family residence?

Curbside recycling is mandated only for 1-Family and 2-Family residences. The City may be able to provide recycling service for non-mandated residences, such as triples and multi-family.  If you are interested in recycling service for triples or multi-family, please contact Doug Crabill at (937) 652-4305 or to see if the city's program can accomodate your request.