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Assistant Water Superintendent (posted 06/29/14) please see the job notice and submit resumes to the Human Resource Office before 4pm on 08/12/14.




The City of Urbana is seeking applications for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic.  Please complete the Application for the Firefighter/Paramedic Entry Level Civil Service Examination located below and return to the Human Resource Office before 4:30pm on June 2, 2014.
(posted 05/06/14)

Position Announcement

Entry Level Firefighter/Paramedic Application Packet



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Urbana is conveniently nestled in Champaign County in the heart of west central Ohio.

  • Incorporated in 1868
  • Approximately 6.8 square miles
  • Population 11,793 as of 2010 census
  • Home to Urbana University, a liberal arts college with an enrollment of 1500 and a 128-acre campus
  • Two national residential historic districts and multiple single sites on the registry
  • According to the Ohio Historical Society, in 1840 during the VanBuren-Harrison contest, downtown Urbana was the site for a national Whig convention dinner. Hanging nearby was a banner with the words "The People is Oll Korrect." This helped to perpetuate the national trend of using "OK," not only as a show of political support, but as a common phrase used today. (more)